I have a strong passion for teaching the game of basketball to players of all abilities. Currently I have a long list of players that are playing, have played, or will play at very high levels. I also take pride in working with players that are focused on making the traveling team, or enjoying basketball for what it is; a very fun game. Regardless of the abilities of players training with me, my focus is always the same: to teach the fundamentals of basketball while making it fun and competitive. Another clear focus I have is to keep the cost of coaching as low as possible so that more families can afford the sessions and learn a great sport.

-John Hedstrom


· Overall Winning Percentage (71%)
· 1994 Section 6AAAA Runner Up
· 1997 Section 6AAAA Runner Up
· 1998 Classic Lake Conference Champions
· 1998 Section 6AAAA Champions
· 1998 Minnesota 4A State Champions
· 1999 Classic Lake Conference Champions
· 1999 Section 5AAAA Section Champions
· 1999 Minnesota 4A State Runner –Up
· 1999 – USA Today National Ranking #11
· 2000 Mr. Basketball – Adam Boone
· 2007 Section 5AAAA Runner Up
· 2008 Classic Lake Conference Champions
· 2008 Section 5AAAA Champions
· 2008 Minnesota 4A State Champions
· 2008 – Max Preps Final National Ranking #10
· Many College Players – Division 1, 2, and 3
· 3 Mr. Basketball Finalists
· U-10 – Minnesota State AAU Girls’ Champions – 2005
· U-11 – Minnesota State AAU Girls’ Champions – 2006
· U-12 – Minnesota State AAU Girls’ Champions – 2007
· U-12 – 9th place National AAU Girls’ Tournament 2007
· U-13 - Minnesota State AAU Girls’ Champions- 2008
· U-13 -18th place National AAU Girls’ Tournament- 2008
· U-14 – Minnesota State AAU Girls’ Champions – 2009
· U-14 - Windy City – Chicago – Girls’ Champions – 2009
· U-14 – Music City – Nashville – Girls’ Champions-2009
· Boo Williams Invitational Girls’ Champions - 2010
· U-15 – Minnesota State AAU Girl’s Champions – 2010
· Nike Showcase Girl’s Champions – Chicago – 2010
· Nike Nationals Girls’ – Final 4 – 2010
· U-17 Minnesota State AAU Girls’ Champions – 2012
· North Tartan Summer Jam Girls’ Champions – 2012
· All-Iowa Attack Invitational Girls’ Champions – 2012
· All-Iowa Attack Invitational Boys’ Champions – 2013
· Sanford Tournament Boys’ Champion - 2013
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“John’s passion is contagious! He earns full attention from the athletes he is coaching. His knowledge and practical sense of the game translates easily, even with less experienced players. We highly recommend John. Stick around and watch the sessions. You are sure to learn as well!”


When players make a team, often the team-coached practices focus on team offense, team defense and running through plays. With limited practice time there is usually little individual skill coaching for each player. That’s where Hedstrom Basketball comes in. By supplementing regular team practices with Hedstrom individual instruction, players become more well rounded, work to strengthen weaknesses, and come to team practices prepared with new skills.
· Ball handling
· 1 on 1 moves to the basket
· Triple threat
· Pivoting
· Passing and catching
· Communication
· Creating shots for self and teammates
· Movement - screening, cutting, spacing, getting open
· Shooting fundamentals - inside & outside 3 point line
· Rebounding positioning and mentality
· Competitiveness and aggressive play
· Free throw shooting
· Post moves
· Shooting in transition
· Defensive transition
· On the ball defense
· Help-side defense
· Positioning
· Vision
· Anticipation on defense
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“Coach Hedstrom has a wonderful gift for working with student athletes. He treats all players with the utmost respect and is highly motivating. He expects his players to work hard and give a 110%. In return his players experience considerable progress and a true love of the game. Coach Hedstrom’s players are not just good athletes but intelligent athletes! I feel incredibly fortunate that my son is able to study the game of basketball with a coach of such high integrity as Coach Hedstrom.”
“Coach Hedstrom just doesn’t just tell me how to do things but why I am doing it.”
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